1. About Us
"Our artistic piece of home decor holds contribution in the story of who you are, with collection of what you love."

Home is just not a place, it’s a feeling, and every piece of art reflects your personality and choices. F9 Furnitures believes in delivering a piece of art and emotion that itself speaks for your home. At F9 Furniture, we take pride in offering you the finest quality furniture along with an extensive selection of customizable furniture accessories that is not only certain to fit your unique taste and style, but will last for generations. Since years, we continue our family tradition of keeping a close eye on the quality of the design, as well as the value of the furniture we offer to our trustworthy customers.

"We believe that furniture designing is an art form that should be made with pride and owned with pride, at F9 Furniture we take immense pleasure in delivering such pieces that enhances the presence of your home".
2. We Create To Celebrate

there’s is a commitment of quality behind every piece of art, a hidden beauty and an inspirational story to every piece we create or deliver. We have travelled through time to bring such handmade products crafted by exceptional artists. With our wide range of furniture and accessory segment we celebrate the desire for beauty in our everyday life. Our unique art is defined as a preference for noble woods and our artist's expertise in different wood crafting techniques. We strive to meet global high-standards while working locally with commitment and emotion. The accessories we create or design are a perfect fit for modern homes with a hint of classic art nature inspired furniture.

3.Our Story

Our beloved father who himself is a designer pioneer in Kitchen and furniture industry build the business and we joined the legacy and kick started F9 Furniture in the year “”, with a vision to offer inspiring art pieces of furniture, F9 Furniture has grown into a diverse team of dedicated artists with a broad vision and source of inspirational architecture together with different expertise and stories to add on to your home.

We believe that the art of decorating home comes along with the preferences or understanding of different cultures, lifestyles, people's stories and neighbourhood. For us the furniture is not just a piece to occupy some space, it's an art inspired by personal taste and expression from nature. That's why at F9 Furniture, we like to call them pieces and not products because we believe that we create pieces of art that rise above its function.

4. Our Design Values

By combining the experience of the artists and the latest technologies, we create innovative and artistic pieces. We value the creation of high quality design pieces that are 100% natural, but open to cultures and artistic expressions from all around the world.

We create, inspire and deliver fine pieces of architecture to make your home experience worthy.

F9 Furniture adds exceptional value to your place whether you are looking for modern or traditional design, our collection of quality home decor furniture is build to last, offering stability and beauty in affordable prices.