F9 Furnichair is a collection of healthy, sustainable, and Eco- Friendly Furniture. We have one of the widest selections of Earth-friendly furniture. We believe in enjoying a lifestyle that is lavish and healthy. But not just for our own; for our planet too. By selecting furniture products made with less or no toxic chemicals, organic and sustainably resourced materials, F9 Furnichair and our valued customers are making a very real, strong choice to support the environment

With a lot of hard work and passion for the environment, F9 Furnichair was born in an effort to promote sustainable wood furniture as an alternative to furniture made from vulnerable rainforest woods.

In order to promote and sell sustainable wood furniture, we first raise awareness about a major problem facing the furniture industry: illegal logging.

Due to an illegal procurement of wood, forests that once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface now cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be gone in less than 40 years. We are losing rainforest land at an average rate of 1.5 acres every second

This process is not only harmful to our climate, ecosystems and wildlife but it is also dangerous for our economy.

We at F9, consider every aspect and obtain our wood from specially grown commercial trees. We take pride in calling ourselves a brand acting consciously towards environment and mankind.