A unique combination of stylish yet elegant home accessory from our Glocal Collection, which definit..
Pyala was born when passion & creativity poured in together. Hailing from the family of Namaste Coll..
Absolutely gorgeous and surely not enough to digest it all at one sight! That’s the Barrel Center ta..
Designed to give your space the X-factor, the Namaste Collection is made from finestwood with a time..
This artistic piece from Namaste Collection reflects designs that are current or vogue. Inspired fro..
First time ever, you will find a ‘crowd of three’ from our Namaste Collection to be a must-have part..
Beauty that radiates an aura of style and splendour comes in a form of small but tall and sleek sid..
Follows minimalist principles of design which are influenced by architectural concepts. This product..