F9 Studio delivers the best spatial solutions for your Residential and Commercial Spaces by creating a site-specific environment.

Get a feel of real-time setting and ambience designed just for you to have a broader and detailed understanding for managing our Furniture with your Interiors.

Now Plan, Conceptualize & Feel under one roof with F9 Studio.

Why You Should Visit F9 Studio-

  • 1. Space Management & Planning: Our team of highly skilled and qualified interior designers would come up with a right approach and guidance for managing your space effectively.
    F9 Studio would also help you in getting better insights and ideas on turning dull spaces into eye soothing ambience.

  • 2. Choosing Right for your Home: Our Studio will enable you to have a Touch & Feel from our wide range of Furniture & Decor products.
    F9 Studio accommodates a plethora of ideas for creating your dream space.
    The variety looks we have showcased in the studio will inspire you to create one of your own!

  • 3. Understanding the Material & Quality well: We take a pride in offering only the best quality products to our customers.
    Our furniture experts will assist you in choosing the right furniture piece with the right material, finish, texture and colour striking a perfect balance to your Interior setting as well as raising your lifestyle quotient.