Our Design Process

F9 Furnichair takes pride in the quality, design and value that it offers in its every furniture piece to elevate the Feel and Comfort of what it means "Living the best Lifestyle".

The quality of Lifestyle that F9 Furnichair has been creating through its furniture pieces is the result of well-executed organised plans and processes that every person associated has adhered to from the beginning to end.

  • The life journey of every furniture piece at F9 Furnichair begins procuring the best quality Steam Beechwood that is specially grown for Commercial Purpose. The wood is then specially seasoned to make it durable.

  • The furniture architects and designers conceptualise the furniture design based on the inspiration derived from various values, ethics and traditions. These imaginations are traced down in the form of a sketch or prototypes where we play with the details and designs.

  • The wood pieces are carved and shaped to perfection for making furniture using latest environment-friendly technologies with the utmost care and love of a human touch.

  • The final furniture piece in the beautiful designs and colors that are born out of dedication, vision and hardwork easily mingles with your interior spaces and all set to accept flatteries.