Nowadays, it is becoming a difficult question for everyone how to choose the right furniture for the living room in India.

There are a variety of things which you should effectively keep in mind which are very important to furnish a living room with small spaces. The living room is generally an ideal place for partying, chatting, discussing some serious issues, etc. But, most importantly, it is a place where all the guests coming to your house are seated. Therefore, it becomes very much important for the living room to be well maintained, neat, well furnished as well as well decorated.

So, in that regard, proper furnishing of your living room can be considered the best way. You should also be much careful at the time of selecting furniture. The perfect ambience will be usually created in your living room when you furnish your living room with the right set of the furniture. But, the overall ambience can be killed by the improper selection of the furniture for the living room.

So, it is much important to select the right furniture set for your own living room.

Here are given some of the expert tips which are needed to be followed while choosing furniture for your Indian living room.

Expert Tips to Choose Right Furniture for Indian Living Rooms

Wooden Sofas

Most Indians like wooden furniture and so, they generally prefer this particular furniture when it comes to choosing the best furniture for their living room in India. Sofa sets made of wood gives an elegant and traditional look to your living room. Many of the attractive designs of wooden sofas are available in the market. Not only have the designs, but these wooden sofas also come in a variety of shapes too.

More families are generally considering a rectangular sofa for their living room because these sofas can easily accommodate more guests. Usually, two sofa chairs accompany the larger sofa. Also, the center table in the wooden sofas should be necessarily made up of wood. The center table also generally comes with the overall sofa set.

Caned Daybed

The caned daybed is considered to be another attractive thing which should be added to a living room in India. One who usually wants their living room to be in India style should necessarily use caned daybeds instead of using the usual sofas. These are a part of the antique furniture which attracts the attention of guests or visitors by giving it an Indian look.


These charpoys are generally considered to be the most ancient sofa types, and so, it is more or less used in every state of India. People living in the remote areas of India are also using these charpoys as chair or bed.

The charpoys have a unique look as these are nicely woven with the help of a rope. This particular concept can also be used in the modern days in order to properly furnish the living room.

In the modern living room of India, instead of using typical charpoys, one can weave it with a colorful role for making it much more comfortable. To support the woven ropes, good quality of the wooden frame should also be used. This can contribute to giving a different look to the room by replacing sofas.

Magazine Holder

You can consider keeping a magazine holder in your living room because it can prove to be very helpful for the guests in order to access different magazines.  At the time of buying magazine holder for your living room, you should keep in mind about the different furniture which is placed in your living room. And you should not buy that type of magazine holder which is unable to complete with your furniture.


One can surely hang a jhulaa or wooden swing in their living room if an ample amount of space is present in the living room. This contributes to giving a unique as well as a new look to your living room.

In most of the furniture shops, you can easily get the availability of the wooden swing. It is among the antique furniture which is mainly used in a modern living room to add a traditional and elegant look to your living room. These swings help you to relax and act as the place where your children can have fun and play. So, it both ways, it is a very interesting option to add in your living room.

Apart from that, you can add bookshelf and cabinets to add an attractive look to your living room in India.